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Web Maintenance Webmaster SEO Loudoun County Leesburg VA Virginia - Web Maintenance Services

Buy Gabapentin cod - Purchase gabapentin

Routine Web Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services include these routine tasks performed on a regular basis as necessary to maintain and update the Site:

  • Quality Code Base – fixes/updates, link updates, testing, maintenance of custom & advanced coding, development of a testing beta subdomain for approval of client updates.
  • Content Updates. Website updates less than or equal to 3 hours labor constitute an update. A more significant update constitutes an enhancement which is done as a new buildable item.
  • Backups/Disaster Recovery – Web files, Client E-Mail Lists, site databases
  • Vendor & Affiliate Management including domain registration, domain hosting, and other Third-Party service providers necessary to do work. Includes periodic monitoring of accounts.
  • Template(s)/Applications/Plug-Ins (Apps) Integration & Maintenance
  • Database Management
  • Basic SEO:
    • Build:
      • Home Page SEO instrumentation
      • Sitemap.xml and robots.txt created/uploaded/submitted
    • Maintenance:
      • Instrumentation of non-Home pages
      • Instrumentation of non-Home pages
      • Annual SEO Site Check; including analysis, reporting, recommendations, optimization to Client

Newsletter & Blog articles are optional and are estimated at 1.5-2 hr/each.